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Many of us have had to get used to working at home over the last few years. Some love it. Others… not so much. But there is one thing I think we can all agree on: getting the vibes right, and setting up a proper home office makes all the difference between productivity and procrastination.

Everything from creating the right lighting with Nanoleaf, to the best office accessories can assist with your workflow. Here is a quick rundown of some awesome products that will get you excited and help to increase focus and productivity when you sit down at your desk.

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Nanoleaf Reco


4.5 / 5

Elevated Lighting

Elevate your office space with the right lighting. Nanoleaf light panels can be arranged in unlimited configurations with multiple smart modes to keep your office ambiance on-point and productivity high.

What We Looked For

  • Quality Office accessories made out of durable, high-quality materials.
  • Functionality Easy-to-use, ergonomic, and durable — we want the best of the best.
  • Design We looked for thoughtful design that matches smart functionality.
  • Value Worthy investments that are well-constructed and built to last.
Source: Nanoleaf

1. Nanoleaf — The Future of Smart Home Lighting

The Nanoleaf Smart Home Hexagon lights were the exact touch I needed to finish off my home office.

These panels from Nanoleaf are easy to install with a peel-and-stick backing & quick connectors to link tiles together with ease.

The ultra-thin panels are able to sync up with your music, match the color tones of your computer monitor, or can be customized exactly how you want.

Adding the Nanoleaf smart lights gave my fairly boring home office the spice it needed. No longer do I feel like I'm being jammed in the corner away from my family. Instead, it's like I'm entering my own personal work sanctuary.

The Nanoleaf smart panels can be installed on any flat surface. They are touch-compatible, support up to 16 million color combinations, and work with all your favorite smart home accessories including:

  • Apple Home
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa

Staff Pick

Nanoleaf Reco


4.5 / 5

Best Lights

Elevate your lighting game with these amazing smart lights by Nanoleaf.

Tested & Approved

We love Nanoleaf's smart lights. Be sure to check out our deep dive into the lights that are changing lives, one home office at a time!

Flexispot Standing Desks
Source: FlexiSpot

2. FlexiSpot — Electronic Standing Desks

If you've never tried a motorized standing desk before, you must. Having the capability to stand or sit as you see fit makes a world of difference as you work through your day.

FlexiSpot desks can be raised to standing desk level or lowered if you want to take a seat, and can be adjusted to accommodate people of all heights.

There are multiple desk models to choose from, with different sizes, colors, materials, and designs, so you can pick the right one for your home office. Many are even equipped with convenient charging ports and programmable height presets, to make your workflow that much more seamless.

Best Desk

Flexispot Standing Desks


Motorized Standing Desks

Grovemade Lifestyle
Source: Grovemade

3. Grovemade — Elevated Office Accessories

Grovemade designs the best office accessories. Organize and streamline your workspace with Grovemade mouse pads, coasters, desk shelves, computer stands, iPhone docks, pens, stationery, notebooks, trays, and wall shelves — all made with natural materials that bring warmth and comfort to your office.

These elevated office accessories look sharp, are well-made, and ergonomically designed to keep your office space comfortable, decluttered, and expertly organized.

Best Accessories

Grovemade Reco


Office Supplies

Blue Yeti Mic
Source: Blue

4. Blue Yeti Mics — Crystal Clear Audio

The Yeti mic line by Blue is the best in the business. Create pro recordings with your computer using Blue's best-selling family of Yeti USB microphones.

Four different pickup patterns offer versatility so you can record vocals for music, podcasts, Twitch, and YouTube. Achieve professional on-stream sound quality using enhanced broadcast vocal effects, advanced voice modulation, and HD audio samples.

Best Mic

Yeti Reco

Blue Yeti Mics

Impeccable Audio

Source: Lumina

5. Lumina — Ultrawide 4K Webcam

The Lumina webcam is powered by modern AI and features an ultrawide 4K camera, dual noise-canceling microphones, and a sleek design. It's perfect for virtual meetings as it automatically puts the focus on you by smartly blurring the background.

Lumina's AI cameraman follows you around the video frame, making sure you're front and center no matter what.

Best Web Cam

Lumina Reco


4K Video

Bellroy Tech Organizer
Source: Bellroy

6. Bellroy Tech Organizer — Don't Get Your Wires Crossed

This sleek tech organizer by Bellroy keeps all your wires untangled and tech accessories organized. You can zip it flat for easy access and the magnet slip pocket fits a standard sized power bank.

It features stretch mesh pockets for all your bits and pieces, a floating wall with elastic cable organizer, smooth-action zips, and (for an eco-friendly cherry on top) it's made from recycled woven fabric.

Best Tech Organizer

Bellroy Organizer Render

Bellroy Tech Organizer

Untangled and Organized

Remarkable Notebook Lifestyle
Source: reMarkable

7. reMarkable Notebook — A New Way to Take, Store, and Share Notes

Say hello to your new favorite way to take notes. reMarkable is a tablet-style folio where you can handwrite or type out your notes, and sketch new creations via the reMarkable app on your desktop or mobile device.

It's free from distractions, so you can focus on what's important. You don't have to worry about annoying pop-up ads, notifications, or social media pulling your attention.

reMarkable also allows you to convert handwritten notes into typed text, and refine, expand, and/or share them. You can create your own setup with virtually unlimited pages and use folders and tags to keep all your info organized and in one place.

Best Notebook

Remarkable Render

reMarkable Notebook

Write, Type, and Share Notes

Master And Dynamic Headphones
Source: Master & Dynamic

8. Master & Dynamic Wireless ANC Headphones — Fully immersive sound or silence

The Master & Dynamic Wireless ANC Headphones deliver detailed acoustics — crisp trebles, smooth mid-lines, and rich bass — with their 40mm Beryllium drivers.

They feature Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation for when you want to immerse yourself in your favorite sounds or block out all external noise for silence while you work.

Made from lightweight aluminum and soft lambskin leather, you'll benefit from an extremely comfortable, all-day wearing experience. These are pricey, but offer replaceable memory foam ear pads and a felted hard shell travel case to protect your investment.

Best Wireless ANC Headphones

Master Dynamic Headphones

Master & Dynamic Wireless ANC Headphones

Fully Immersive Sound or Silence

Branch Office Chairs
Source: Branch

9. Branch Office Chairs — Comfortable, Ergonomic, Seating

Branch Furniture offers five different office chair models for your seating pleasure. They range in price, a large assorment of colors, and design. You can use Branch's Before You Buy checklist to pick the best chair for your derriere.

This checklist covers:

  • Find your perfect fit (The best fit for your backside.)
  • Size & Stature (The right size for your height.)
  • Mind Your Materials (Made of materials that align with you and your needs.)
  • Checkout and Relax (Worried you ordered the wrong chair? No worries, just ship it back in the original packaging within 30 days for a full refund.)

Best Office Chairs

Branch Chair

Branch Office Chairs

Sit Your Derriere On a Comfy Chair

Home Office Hero
Source: Nanoleaf

Reimagine your home office

As someone who is very sensitive to lighting, Nanoleaf has certainly caught my eye. Nothing gives me more of a headache, and makes me want to work less, than ugly fluorescent lighting. One of the best parts of creating your own office space is that you get to design it from top to bottom with the features that work best for you.

The Nanoleaf modular LED panels can be arranged in unlimited configurations as statement or accent lighting. Keep your creative juices flowing and make the most out of your workflow with the right ambiance.

All of the products that made this cut are the stuff home office dreams are made of. From office supplies, to electronic desks, to the perfect chair, these brands have what it takes to take your home office to the next level. Get organized, improve focus, and boost productivity with the ultimate home office setup.

Nicolette Roux
The Journey Freelance Writer

Staff Pick

Nanoleaf Reco


4.5 / 5

Elevated Lighting

Elevate your office space with the right lighting. Nanoleaf light panels can be arranged in unlimited configurations with multiple smart modes to keep your office ambiance on-point and productivity high.

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