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Bright City Telescope

eQuinox 2

Equinox2 Render

High Resolution Telescope

eVscope 2

Evscope Render

The eQuniox 2 makes stargazing easy wherever you are. Whether you're on the bright Las Vegas strip or in a dark and secluded country field, this smart telescope has light pollution reduction technology so you can see clear, detailed, and colored images of space.

$2,499 at Unistellar


  • Connects to App
  • Automatically Calibrates
  • 6.2 MP Resolution
  • Partnered with NASA & SETI
  • 11-hour Battery
  • Weighs 9kg
  • Light Pollution Reduction
  • $$$


  • Less zoom

The eVscope 2 has the highest resolution of any digital telescope around. You can observe the entire universe and all of its colors and hues with very little setup. This telescope has a Nikon eyepiece that gives it its impressive 7.7 MP resolution.

$4,899 at Unistellar


  • Connects to App
  • Automatically Calibrates
  • 7.7 MP Resolution
  • Partnered with NASA & SETI
  • 9-hour Battery
  • Weighs 9kg
  • Nikon Eyepiece
  • $$$$


  • Shorter battery life

Both of these smart telescopes know what's up when it comes to stargazing. Unistellar did a great job in creating a top-of-the-line telescope that shows you super clear and detailed images of millions of different objects in space… and they did it twice!

Let's take a look at the similarities and differences between the eQuinox 2 and the eVscope 2 telescopes — so you can decide which one is the right choice for you.

Unistellar Lifestyle
Source: Unistellar

Don't just see outer space… experience it!

Set up takes 2 minutes.

Unistellar designed these two smart telescopes to make stargazing as easy as opening an app… the Unistellar app.

They automatically calibrate and find all of the cool celestial objects in the skies above you. Since the Unistellar database contains more than 300 million stellar bodies, it's a good thing to have some help to narrow it all down.

The eQuinox 2 shows clear, detailed images… even in brightly lit cities

eQuinox 2 has Light Pollution Reduction technology that automatically filters out extra light so you can still check out the stars without leaving the bright lights of the city. With this tech you can zoom in and see the colors and hues of Saturn's rings and the Jupter's red spot — all in clear, 6.2 mp resolution.

An award-winning view of the cosmos

The eVscope 2 won a CES Innovation Award for how it made astronomy more accessible than ever.

eVscope 2 is more expensive due to its Nikon eyepiece, which bumps it up to a crisp 7.7 MP resolution. This is the best resolution of any digital telescope around. Plus, the Nikon lens gives you a wider view… so you can see the entire moon in color and detail, rather than just parts of it like with the eQuinox 2.

Unistellar Lifestyle
Source: Unistellar

Include your friends with live streaming

If your friends don't care for space, they will now! Both of these smart telescopes can save images or live stream clear footage with up to 10 users logged into the app. They'll see what you see, even if they're not with you. Stream for up to 11 hours with the eQuinox 2 and 9 hours with the eVscope 2.

Unistellar Lifestle
Source: Canva

You actually become a type of NASA space researcher

Ever wanted to work for NASA? Well, now you can… sort of.

Unistellar partners with NASA and the SETI Institute. So you can actually report your celestial findings to both organizations.

You can also take part in space discoveries like many of the 10,000 Unistellar users have in the past with NASA's Lucy and Dart missions. Cool, right?

Unistellar Lifestle
Source: Unistellar

30-day trial & 2-year warranty

And free shipping!

Both telescopes are made in France with high-quality materials. They are built last and they're backed by a 2-year warranty.

If you're unsure, try one out for 30 days, risk-free.

Unistellar Hero
Source: Unistellar

The specs

Category eQuinox 2 eVscope 2
Resolution 6.2 MP 7.2 MP
Field of View 34 x 47 Arcmin 34 x 47 Arcmin
Limiting Magnitude 18.2 18.2
Focal 450 MM 450 MM
Battery 11 Hours 9 Hours
Weight 9 kg 9 kg
Storage 64 GB 64 GB

So which telescope is for you?

If you live in the city but are serious about space exploration… the eQuinox 2 is probably for you.

If research is a top priority, and adventuring out to remote areas is a common occurrence, you'll probably want the eVscope 2's Nikon eyepiece with 7.7 MP resolution. Right now you can save $600! with their limited-time offer.

Both of these user-friendly telescopes offer a 30-day risk-free trial period, and a generous 2-year warranty… and they're delivered with free shipping! Check them both out on the Unistellar website.

City Smart Telescope

Equinox2 Render

Unistellar eQuinox 2

Best for bright areas

If you live in a brightly lit city, this smart telescope makes space observation possible. It has Light Pollution Reduction technology so you can see planets, stars, and galaxies in color and detail.

Remote Smart Telescope

Evscope Render

Unistellar eVscope 2

Best for intense research

With a Nikon eyepiece and the highest resolution of any digital telescope around, this CES Innovation Award winning telescope makes space research fun and easy.


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