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Best BioHack Tech Digilog 2024

We all understand the basics of leading a healthy lifestyle:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Stress less

Yet, these things are much easier said than done.

Truth be told, I am a nightmare if I don't get enough sleep at night. My husband has lovingly made fun of me for years because I consider myself a "super sleeper," and operate best when I get 8-10 hours of quality rest.

As a working professional and mom to three (one human, two fur) I didn't think getting that much sleep on a regular basis was an option. And then my co-worker Scott Adamson told me about Apollo Neuro and how it was giving him an extra hour of sleep every night.

I love that you can wear Apollo Neuro anywhere. Using it consistently makes all the difference in easing anxiety, falling asleep faster, keeping your stress in check, and sleep hygiene on track.

From quality sleep, to breath, to diet, to health, and body composition, I've got you covered with the best tech to biohack your health to superhuman status.

Best Sleep

Apollo Neuro Render

Apollo Neuro

4.5 / 5

Hack your sleep

A wearable that delivers customized doses of vibrational therapy to help ease anxiety, stress less, and improve sleep hygiene.

What We Looked For

  • Functionality User-friendly apps and designs.
  • Quality Smart and high-quality devices that actually work, are worth investing in, and built to last.
  • Design It has to look nice and work well.
  • Accessibility All devices on this list are designed for people of all ages at every stage of their health journey.
Source: Apollo Neuro

1. Best Sleep: Apollo Neuro

If you're looking to stress less, fall asleep faster, and improve your quality of sleep, Apollo Neuro can get you there. A lot of people assume that Apollo Neuro is just another activity tracker, but that is not what it is. Apollo Neuro is a wearable designed to help reduce stress and anxiety, using what Apollo calls "Touch Therapy" to soothe your nervous system.

What happens when your nervous system is regulated and calm? You stress less, focus more, and sleep better. You get what you put into Apollo Neuro; it's not possible to wear this device too often. Apollo recommends using it 3+ hours a day, at least 5 days a week, during the day and night for best results.

The app is really user-friendly, and has various modes catered to address the issue you're currently experiencing. Now, Apollo isn't cheap and you must put in the time with it, but the benefits — less anxiety and higher quality, deeper sleep — are truly invaluable.


  • Wear it anywhere
  • Easy app
  • Multiple modes
  • Vibration therapy


  • Pricey
  • You get what you put in

Best Sleep

Apollo Neuro Render

Apollo Neuro

4.5 / 5

Hack your sleep

A wearable that delivers customized doses of vibrational therapy to help ease anxiety, stress less, and improve sleep hygiene.

Tested & Approved

We're big fans of Apollo Neuro. Check out our deep dive on this amazing sleep wearable which has eases anxiety and led us to higher-quality, longer sleep.

Airofit Pro 2.0 Lifestyle
Source: Airofit

2. Best Breath: Airofit Pro 2.0

The Airofit Pro 2.0 is a respiratory training system designed to flex your breathing muscles and record your real-time data — all of which is sent directly to your smartphone.

It measures accessible lung capacity and respiratory muscle strength. These data points are then combined with your age, gender, height, and weight to provide a tailored training program unique to you.

Airofit Pro then takes your data and provides adjustable resistance levels to your breathing muscles, making them work harder. This is by design, to make your respiratory muscles grow stronger and more efficient, which slows down your breathing rate and heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and improves sleep quality.


  • Strengthen respiratory muscles
  • Easy app
  • Real-time feedback
  • Improves athletic performance + wellbeing


  • Pricey
  • Not easy to share

Best Breath

Airofit Pro 2.0 Render

Airofit Pro 2.0

Hack your breath

Flex your breath with Airofit Pro 2.0. This tool is designed to strengthen your respiratory system to improve athletic performance and general wellbeing.

Lumen Lifestyle
Source: Lumen

3. Best Metabolism: Lumen

Lumen helped me drop 10 pounds before my wedding. It's a metabolism tracker that delivers personalized, nutrition plans based on your metabolic rate designed to help you achieve healthy weight loss, improve metabolic health, and fitness performance.

Lumen determines metabolic rate by measuring the CO2 concentration in your breath to create a personalized nutrition plan for the day with the goal of increasing your metabolic flexibility.

You have three monthly tracking programs to choose from, which are a bit pricey, but Lumen does offer a free 30-day trial so you can see if it works for you.


  • Daily personalized nutrition
  • Small, portable
  • Easy app
  • Excellent battery life


  • Pricey
  • Breath takes practice
  • Could use more meal options

Best Metabolism

Lumen Render Best


Hack your metabolism

Hack your metabolism, lose weight, improve performance, and your metabolic health.

Whoop Lifestyle Copy
Source: Whoop

4. Best Health: Whoop 4.0

Whoop is a wearable that delivers real-time feedback on your sleep, training, recovery, and overall health. It also has in-app coaching to help you optimize performance.

It uses your unique data, behaviors, and goals to provide personalized insights and actionable feedback. Memberships start at $30 a month, or you can save by springing for an annual or 2-month membership. There are tons of color and hardware options to choose from to compliment your personal style.


  • Low-profile
  • Sleep, training, recovery, and health tracker
  • Personalized insights + actionable coaching


  • Requires paid membership

Best Health

Whoop 4.0 Render

Whoop 4.0

Hack your health

The Whoop wearable works in tandem with the app membership to deliver real-time feedback on your sleep, training, recovery, and health, and give you actionable coaching tips.

Withings Smart Scale Lifestyle
Source: Withings

5. Best Body Comp: Withings Body Comp Smart Scale

The Withings Body Comp smart scale is outfitted with improved biomarkers to deliver new data and more precise measurements to give the user a deeper understanding of their body.

Every time you step on this scale, you'll get a full body composition analysis including, visceral fat. It also gives you an in-depth look at your heart health, as well as a daily weather forecast with air quality analysis. Within the app, you can set a goal weight and manage your daily calorie budget.

This scale is compatible with iOS and Android and is multi-user friendly so the whole family can partake. Data from every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app on your smartphone automatically so you can track, store, and measure your progress.


  • Full body composition analysis
  • Auto-syncing app
  • Heart health
  • Set and manage weight goals


  • Pricey
  • Data points can be overwhelming

Best Body Composition

Withings Body Comp Smart Scale Render

Withings Body Comp Smart Scale

Hack your body composition

This super smart scale gives you a full body composition analysis every time you step on it. It also provides the weather, calorie tracking through the app, and other valuable data points.

Bottom line

Who doesn't want to achieve superhuman status? These biohacks make it possible. My favorite is Apollo Neuro because quality sleep is the foundation of good health and better wellbeing. You can't hack any other area unless you're well rested.

Apollo Neuro is great because you can wear it anywhere, it's discreet, and it works better the more you use it. It improves your sleep hygiene via addressing your stress and anxiety directly. We could all stress less and sleep better — facts! Apollo Neuro is the key to making that happen.

Whether you're trying to improve your sleep, breath, metabolic rate, health, or body composition, this is the best tech to biohack your health to sumperhuman status.

Staff Pick

Apollo Neuro

Apollo Neuro

4.5 / 5

Better Sleep

The Apollo Neuro wearable delivers Touch Therapy to soothe your nervous system; easing anxiety, which helps you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

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